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With the Death Cafe, Junge Trauer Essen will start a pilot project on 5. November 2022 as part of the global movement of the same name "Death Cafe” [1] at Unperfekthaus in Essen to create a lively place for conversations about death, grief and life.

Regular meetings are planned at Unperfekthaus [2] in Essen for a fee of probably 9 euros, or the current admission fee at Unperfekthaus. The admission fee entitles you to unlimited use of the range of gastronomic beverages and the club area in the Unperfekthaus. The Death Cafe is not just a funeral cafe in the narrower sense, but a lively platform for exchange on the entire topic "Death, Grief and Life". The first official Death Cafe in Essen is scheduled to take place on 5. November 2022 at 15:00 and will be moderated by grief counselors Friedrich Stratmann, Dana Lammers, and Peter Pfand. The moderators support the team at Junge Trauer Essen as volunteers and want to bring their experiences with the above-mentioned topics to the Death Cafe in a creative way.

The themes of "death and dying in the context of social perception" are to be given social relevance through the café in a lively and creative way and are to be perceived more publicly. The organizers and moderators hope that by discussing the topics on the basis of an event in the leisure sector, they will be able to encourage more careful handling.

You can find more information and suggestions here.

[1] More For information about the philosophy of the global movement, see

[2] You can find more information about events at Unperfekthaus under