Mode Heim Handwerk – Trade fair stand of Junge Trauer Essen

This year, the Junge Trauer Essen is also advertising with its own trade fair stand at the Mode Heim Handwerk [1] in Essen for the youth mourning group Death Cafeas well as for the wide range of voluntary mourning work .

The generally good atmosphere, many interesting and intensive conversations invite a large number of interested people to linger at the Junge Mourning Essen stand and to exchange ideas lively on the topics of “dying, farewell, death and grief” . Junge Trauer Essen uses this public relations opportunity to raise awareness of the core issues of this voluntary field and to offer a low-threshold contact option for people who have experienced loss.

The openness to learn more about „Día de los Muertos“ is more than stimulating due to the thematic focus this year through brave stories from visitors. A ten-year-old boy vividly reports on the film “Coco – more alive than life”, and on the cheerful and colorful approach to death in South American sepulchral culture. He would like to use the stickers distributed at the stand to raise awareness among his circle of friends about the topic of "dying" .

The colorful and mostly young audience agrees: living beings can avoid anything, just not death!

[1] The Mode Heim Handwerk in Essen is a consumer trade fair and, with up to 140,000 visitors, is one of the largest consumer trade fairs in Germany. It has taken place every year at Messe Essen since 1970.