Ehrwin of the Month – The WDR honors the volunteer work of Junge Trauer Essen

Essen-Center. There is enormous joy when Dana Lammers proudly announces to the other members of the management team of Junge Trauer Essen and the participants in the youth mourning group that the voluntary work of Junge Trauer Essen will be publicly recognized with the Ehrwin des Monats“ awarded by WDR .

Expressions of gratitude and emotional encouragement whisper through the group and everyone agrees: “We truly deserve this!” Everyone involved is also sure that this topic will now receive further publicity, which is fundamentally neglected in public discourse.

The extensive filming takes place in the Unperfekthaus on Limbecker Platz in Essen. The Death Cafe Essen is also regularly organized here by Junge Trauer Essen. The open and inviting creative space is almost intrusive with its diverse possibilities for creative use. Of course, everyone involved behaved extremely professionally during filming and didn't show any nervousness. Natürlich verhalten sich alle Beteiligten während der Dreharbeiten höchst professionell und lassen sich die Nervösität nicht anmerken.

Thanks to the instructions of the camera team, the sound and lighting technology, and the responsible editor, the work of the Young Mourning Essen can be captured for the public in a short time. After a mourning group situation and very informative individual interviews, the time has finally come: „Ehrwin“ and the management team – visibly relieved to have successfully completed filming – joyfully receive the shiny gold Ehrwin and are already thinking about purchasing a suitable display case.

Mit dem „Ehrwin des Monats“ in der WDR-Lokalzeit am Samstag sagt der WDR jeden Monat „Danke“ und verleiht seit fünf Jahren diese Ehrung an ehrenamtliche Personen. Weitere Informationen gibt es unter