Young people mourn together in Essen - article in the WDR local time Ruhr

"I lost my mother in 2016 to cancer," says Daniel. He meets with a grief group at the Weigle-Haus youth center in Essen. Young people between the ages of 17 and 33 sit together there. They have all lost one or more loved ones.

The Essen grief group meets once a month. Then they can exchange ideas, talk about their feelings and share their grief. Just like 23-year-old Jana. Over time, grief eats you up, she says.

"At some point it really gnawed at me, so I'm glad I was allowed to come here", Jana remembers. The participants in the group are supported by trained volunteer bereavement counsellors. They are always there as contact persons.

Overwhelmed with loss

The group was founded five years ago by Caren Baesch, among others. She runs an alternative funeral service in Bochum. The undertaker wanted to create an offer of support for young adults who have experienced loss.

The group receives financial support from Michaela Friedrich-Sikorksi on behalf of the support association of the outpatient hospice serviceShe heads outpatient hospice service at the Alfried Krupp Hospital in Rüttenscheid. The qualified educator reports that the phase of life between the ages of 20 and 30 is particularly difficult to reconcile with grief. “We all know that: at that age you are invulnerable. “You try it out.”. Many people have not experienced loss at that age and are overwhelmed by it.

Make room for sadness

At the meetings, Daniel, Jana and the others should be able to allow their sadness and give it space. They are happy about this opportunity. Because in the group they understand each other, they can cry together, but also laugh together: "Because everyone has had the experience and knows what it's about".

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